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Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic

Excellent hearty probiotic fermented for 5 years!  30 day supply.

Beta Sitosterol

Help maintain cholesterol levels and support cardiac function.

Brain Octane Oil 2-Pack

Excellent nutrition for optimum brain function.  Great in Bulletproof Coffee!

Soft Foam Roller

>This roller is great for back and neck muscle pain relief and releases inflammation around the bone.

Travel Size Soft Foam Roller

This travel-size roller is great for back and neck muscle pain relief and releases inflammation around the bone.

Digest Spectrum

Excellent digestive enzyme for those of us with food allergies.

Digest Gold

Great broad spectrum enzyme blend for digesting carbs, fat, fiber and proteins.

Bulletproof Cookbook

Excellent nutrition = smoothing running body!!!  Try Bulletproof Chicken recipe – Yum!

Enzyme Defense

This is a great enzyme for cleaning the blood.

Betaine HCl Pepsin Gentian Bitters

Great for proper stomach acid digestive support.

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics

Excellent probiotic for digestive health and strong immunity – needs no refrigeration!

George’s Aloe Vera

Rapidly calms digestive upset and soothes stomach lining.

Lypo Gold

Great enzyme for optimum digestion of fatty foods.

Dr. Clark’s Bug Buster

Great natural remedy for Candida yeast overgrowth – reclaim your energy!!!

Metabolic Cardiology

Brilliant, esteemed Cardiologist uses integrative approach to healing cardiac conditions.

QH + PQQ Absorb

Excellent for heart health and cognitive brain function.

The Wand Wine Filter

Great filter to remove sulfites and histamines from wine.  Works Great!!!

Olive Leaf Extract

I use this to stop a cold in it’s tracks before it takes me down!

Vitamins K2 + D3

Excellent vitamin combo for strong bones and teeth.  Vitamin D3 is great for hormonal health too!

Dr. Clarks Stomach Saver

Rids stomach of salmonella and other parasites.

Squatty Potty Ghost Acrylic Toilet Stool

Ultra-Chic, bit-more-expensive “stool” system (pun intended!) for proper elimination.  No more need to strain yourself!

Ultraportable Toilet Stool

Inexpensive “stool” system (pun intended!) for proper elimination.  No more need to strain yourself!

Arnicare Cream + Arnica Montana 30C Sublingual Pellets

Pain relief for neck, back, shoulder, leg, foot, muscle, joint and arthritic pain; stops bruises from forming.

Womens Balance

Optimizes female hormonal balance, emotional state and healthy transitions.

Dr. Health Vibration Platform

Great way to lose weight, tone up, increase circulation and feel healthy!

Detox Liver Health

Great probiotic fights bacteria and promotes energy!

Essential Living Oils

Excellent for skin, hair, nails and brain function!

Vitex Berry

Excellent for women’s hormonal balance.


Excellent cream for healing psoriasis skin conditions.


Excellent cream for healing eczema skin conditions.

Brain Octane Oil

Excellent nutrition for optimum brain function.  Great in Bulletproof Coffee!

Udo’s Oil 3 6 9 Blend with DHA

Vegan essential fatty acid (EFA) oil blend supports brain function, nerves and vision!

Propolis Plus

Great digestive and immune support!

Vision Enhancement

Excellent nutrition for optimum vision.

Quercetin with Bromelain

Great bioflavonoid for clearing your lungs.


Great amino acid for better sleep and mood.

Deep Immune Probiotics

Great immune and digestive support.

Mastic Gum

Excellent natural remedy for acid reflux and h. pylori.

Magnesium Oil

Great way to get magnesium into the body quickly.  Soothes smooth muscle, coordinates heartbeat and boosts brain function.

Self Care Remedies, Nurturing Body + Mind, Sunday November 12, 2017, 1:00 pm

In this fun and informal small group event, you will learn simple, effective self care remedies to keep you in the game even amidst today’s super viruses and other perils of modern life. Lead by celebrity health therapist Kim La Chance (Malibu Kim), you will gain skills in:

  • New & Ancient Health Remedies that Work!
  • Simple Care Techniques for Feeling Great!
  • Maintaining Body Flexibility

and SO much more…

Ensure your wellness now and into the future by mastering these techniques

This Live course will take place in El Segundo (Near LAX)
Course Location and time:

Sunday, January 14, 2017

1 pm to 4 pm

615 N. Nash St

El Segundo, CA 90278

Advanced Tickets:  $97

Free Parking in outside lot – Dress Comfortably!

Limited to 10 participants – Enroll Early!


About the Event Presenter Malibu Kim:

Malibu Kim

Malibu Kim

Malibu Kim (Kim La Chance), Creator and Host of the Real Healthy Living TV Series, is the founder of her own health and beauty product line.

Originally from northern California, Kim made her mark in the music industry as lead singer for the acclaimed rock group “Vixen” while living in Hawaii, featuring Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman.
In the mid 80’s, Kim relocated to Los Angeles to pursue music in Hollywood. During her time in LA, Kim acquired a professional degree in bodywork and directed her focus into the healing arts.

Kim’s natural healing abilities coupled with professional training quickly positioned her as personal bodywork therapist and wellness advisor to many A-list celebrities including Madonna, Sir Ben Kingsley, Radiohead, Keith Urban, Christine Baranski, Dave Chappelle, Julia Stiles,  and many others.

As an Anthony Robbins Mastery University graduate, Kim has combined her health and wellness research with the best personal growth and development technologies available today.

Kim’s award winning knowledge of nutrition, fitness, and mental well-being are in high demand in Southern California, where she currently resides and maintains her own health & wellness blog on www.malibukim.com

Skin RX $28

Skin RX

Malibu Kim’s signature premium proprietary blend Skin Rx quickly reduces fine lines, fades pigmented patches and smoothes rough spots. Skin Rx’s healing ingredients normalizes skin tone of the face, neck, chest, arms and back of hands.  Apply to any area needing nourishment to regain your skin’s natural health & beauty.

Skin Rx blends the powerful healing elements of Frankincense Essential Oil with Black Seed Oil, Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Watermelon Seed Oil & Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil.

Apply to face, neck, chest, arms, back of hands & any area needing healing elements, 2-8 times daily.  Cover all skin issues such as spots, patches, tags, blemishes, fine lines & wrinkles.
10 ml.

Breathe E-Z $22

Breathe E-Z Aromatherapy Blend

Breathe E-Z™ Aromatherapy Blend. Fight back colds and congestion with our best selling Breathe E-Z™ essential oil blend. This synergistic aroma will relieve head & chest congestion, sore throats, earaches (gone within minutes), keeping you breathing easy and feeling good during any weather, all year long!  An added benefit for those who suffer hives, Breathe E-Z™ stops the “drive-you-crazy” itch providing many hours of peaceful relief.  Breathe E-Z™ contains the essential oils of Eucalyptus Radiata & Globulus, Peppermint, Spruce, Cedarwood, Black Cumin, Oregano, Birch, Fir, Pine, Ravensara, Tea Tree and Lavender.  This is one of my personal favorites I use everyday . . .  1/2 oz

Healing Essential Oil Blend $27

Healing Aromatherapy Blend

Healing Essential Oil Blend adds the healing properties of Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Frankincense, Copaiba with the calming effects of Ylang Ylang to create an especially potent essential oil blend for healing injuries to the skin, boosting the immune system and calming the nervous system. Healing is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, anesthetic, and anti-septic. Use directly on cuts, burns, insect bites, lesions, rashes, and swab ears to stop itch and ease pain of earache. Can also be used to calm the nervous system by using as a cologne, using on soles of the feet, in the bath, jacuzzi, or feathered over your pillow and sheets.  It’s excellent to use in bedding to eliminate bed mites. Great for calming children over age 3 and easing them to sleep.  Full instructions are provided on all the various ways to use this amazing Healing blend when you receive your bottle!

Soothing Throat Relief $25

Soothing Throat Spray

Soothing Throat Relief Spray contains natural anesthetic oils that relieve the pain of sore throat, canker sores, inflamed taste buds, and freshens breath (great for smokers) while blasting away unwanted viruses & bacteria.  Soothing Throat Relief Spray is a potent combination of the viral and bacterial fighting essential oils of Thyme, Eucalyptus Radiata & Globulus, Tea Tree, Roman Chamomile, Black Cumin, Oregano and Peppermint and lightly sweetened with the natural herb Stevia. Also highly effective for brushing teeth. Usage instructions are on the bottle. (1 oz Spray)

Relieve Back Pain!

Now let’s get to the knitty gritty! Just to let you know – I receive no benefits whatsoever from letting you know about this ball. It has helped me through some “tight” spots (muscles that is) in releasing overworked, stressed out muscles. The ball is a Gymnic Heavymed Gr2000. I’ve seen it online for $20 – to nearly $100 on different sites. Gymnic also produces smaller and larger sizes than the one on my video – the smaller they are the more they will dig into your back – the bigger they are the gentler they will be on your back. I use the yellow (2,000kg/4.4 lb) size since it perfectly opens the muscles in my back.

Now, a little more detail on how to use it! Simply get into the position of doing situps. Place the ball on the floor and lay your mid-back on it. Lift your bottom up off the ground, feet still planted on the floor, and roll up and down your spine slowly. If you need to steady yourself on the ball, do this next to a sofa and use it to guide you up and down your back. If you have a certain part of your back that’s stressed, you can lay your back on the spot and relax into it. It’s best to wear stretchy form fitting clothing and long hair should be tied up so it doesn’t get caught under the ball.

To open your shoulders, get into situp position, place ball in the middle of your back between shoulder blades – but a little to the left on the edge of your left blade. Lift your right hip up and roll on the ball horizontally toward your left arm. Do this over the entire shoulder blade from the top to the bottom moving laterally from the middle of your back over your shoulder blade toward your arm. Then do the other side with the left hip on the ground and right hip lifted up.

This simple technique can bring peace to your muscles and ease to your mind.

If you have any back injuries or other back issues other than run-of-the-mill muscle aches, please consult a physician before you take on any exercise or restorative methods such as this.

Stop A Bruise In It’s Tracks With Arnica

Arnica, aka Arnica Montana, is a Homeopathic remedy. Arnica can eliminate a bruise if used immediately upon injury. Basically, the sooner you use Arnica, the less bruising will occur, if any bruising at all. If you don’t have Arnica at the time of injury and the bruise sets, Arnica will still help to clear the bruise more quickly. There are two forms of Arnica, the sublingual pellets (usually 5 pellets) which are placed under the tongue; and the topical form which comes in a cream, gel and oil. To give you a example of my experience with Arnica, one day I hit the side of my foot which turned purple within 30 seconds. I immediately put Arnica cream on the point of injury, then placed 5 sublingual pellets of Arnica under my tongue. Within 3 minutes, the deep purple turned soft pink! I had completely stopped the bruise in it’s tracks! Without Arnica, I would’ve had a bruise for at least a couple of weeks. One tip about the sublingual pellets – do not touch them – use the little cap to throw them under your tongue and allow them to dissolve – if pellets are touched, the oil in your fingers will render the sublingual remedy useless. So go get your Arnica and save yourself from those gnarly bruises. Arnica is also great for muscle stress and strain, and also for use a week before any surgeries to help your body heal faster. For those 60+ years of age who experience deep purple bruising at the slightest injury – this will help you immensely.

Health Guardian Trio, Full Size $69

Full Size 

 The Health Guardian Trio consists of Breathe E-Z Essential Oil Blend (EOB), Healing EOB and Soothing Throat Relief – these are Mother Nature’s pure unadulterated remedies for cold & flu season and great for all-year-round healing.  I keep my travel/purse size with me wherever I go, healing myself, my family, friends & people I meet along the way. (more…)

Health Guardian Trio – Travel Size $35

 Travel/Purse Size 

The Health Guardian Trio consists of Breathe E-Z Essential Oil Blend (EOB), Healing EOB and Soothing Throat Relief – these are Mother Nature’s pure unadulterated remedies for cold & flu season and great for all-year-round healing.  I keep my travel/purse size with me wherever I go, healing myself, my family, friends & people I meet along the way. (more…)

Don’t like drinking “Water?” Try this!

As a natural health therapist, I advise my clients to drink plenty of pure clean water – especially after a massage session where it’s crucial to do so for 3 days as the body goes through a soft detox.  When I make this recommendation, many people tell me  “I don’t like drinking water!”  When you understand our bodies consist of 70% water – you might realize that water is essential to our body’s healthful functioning – it’s a medium by which our 70 trillion cells function and communicate. (more…)

Colorful Salads & Dehydrated Fruits & Nuts

Malibu Kim’s Colorful Salads from Malibu Kim on Vimeo.

Energy Balancing

Easily learn to read energy and employ energy techniques that will heal and energize your family, friends, and clients.  Energy balancing and energy healing techniques are great for everyone to learn – including therapists.

You’ll learn:

– how to project energy into the body to provide healing relief within minutes to headaches, injuries, traumas, chronic ailments, etc..  This technique is known to reverse energy from impacts and remove that energy from the body restoring calm to the impacted area and stop or minimize bruising.

– how to read the energy emanations from the body to detect where energy is stagnant, weak, disrupted or right on target energetically.

– how to energize and balance the body’s energy centers with essential oils.

– essential grounding techniques to release excess & blocked energy.

– how to cleanse and strengthen your energy field and release draining energetic attachments.

– simple elements that supercharge the body’s electrical system.

Launch yourself into the next healing revolution!  It’s easy and fun, anyone can learn!

This is a great class to hold at your next health and healing meeting.  It’s also great for a fun get-together of interested friends and family where you’ll quickly learn how simple it is to heal each other!  It’s great for Spas who wish to add a brilliant new range of healing energy add-ons to their list of services.

Class Rates:

Group course: $250 (up to 10 persons / $15 each add’l person)

Couples course:  $150

Private instruction: $100

Class pricing for Los Angeles & Orange Counties.

Contact support@malibukim.com to schedule a class!

Healthy Kitchen Makeover

Healthy Living starts with a healthy kitchen…
Schedule a private consultation with Malibu Kim in your home today!

Malibu Kim will personally inspect your kitchen from top to bottom and provide a personalized kitchen makeover guide just for you and your lifestyle! Kim will cover everything from the foods you keep to your cookware and share insightful health secrets you can easily implement that will increase your quality of life from your kitchen. It’s fun and you’ll feel the difference right away!

To schedule an in home consultation in the Los Angeles area, send Kim a request at makeover@malibukim.com

Sleepy Time Essential Oil Blend $27

 Insomnia? Wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep?  Sleepy Time Essential Oil Blend is for you! Sleepy Time combines the sedating oils of Lavender, Marjoram, Sandalwood, Benzoin and Roman Chamomile.  Not only is it great for drifting off to Cloud 9 dream time, but Sleepy Time can be worn as a cologne to alleviate stress and anxiety during the day.  It’s excellent to use in bedding to eliminate micro organisms and to use in the bath before going to bed.  Also, perfect for children over 3 years of age who have difficulty getting to sleep.  One of my beta testers stated after using Sleepy Time that not only did it give him at least 5 hours of restful sleep – but he dreamed in Technicolor which he never recalled ever experiencing before!

Women’s Essential Oil Blend $45

Women’s Essential Oil Blend was formulated to assist women’s hormonal system by providing basic biochemicals derived from plant life containing rich stores of phytohormones which complement our body’s hormonal functions.  Women’s Blend contains well over a dozen essential oils which help relieve the distressing effects of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) and provides hormonal support during Perimenopause & Menopause.  Women’s contains Jasmine, Rose, Palma Rosa, Geranium, Clary Sage, Fennel, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Benzoin, Roman Chamomile, Rosewood, and Lavender.  Women’s blend can be used on the lower abdomen, lower back, used as a cologne, used in the bath & jacuzzi, feathered over pillow, and rubbed on soles of feet.

Passion Essential Oil Blend $45

  Passion essential oil blend combines many wonderful aphrodisiac essential oils such as Jasmine, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Rosewood, Geranium, Sandalwood, Palma Rosa, Patchouli, and Clove to make the perfect aroma for a romantic rendezvous!  Feed each other chocolate dipped strawberries in a delightful bath scented with Passion, wear it as a perfume, feather it over your pillows or place several drops in the jacuzzi – however you use it, it will alight the night with Passion!

Muscle Relief Essential Oil Blend $22

  Ease those aching muscles with Muscle Relief, an essential oil blend specifically formulated for tired stressed muscles. Muscle Relief combines the deep penetrating oils of Birch, Peppermint & Juniper with the soothing oils of Chamomile & Sweet Marjoram, along with Black Cumin, Oregano, Thyme, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary, Rose Geranium, and Eucalyptus Radiata & Globulus, to speed the healing process of overworked or strained muscle tissue. Muscle Relief is used by rubbing a few drops directly onto a stressed strained muscle – then feel the relief!

Healing Wounds Essential Oil Blend $38

 Healing Wounds is formulated to heal deeper flesh wounds as well as burns, cuts, insect bites, scrapes, skin rashes, scar reduction, etc. It heals pets’ injuries too! Healing Wounds is a pure essential oil blend of Helichrysum, Spikenard, Calendula, Chamomile Roman, Myrrh, and organic Bulgarian Lavender.  This blend knits wounds  together in roughly 24 hours give or take, so it is essential that the wound is “completely clean & clear of all debris” prior to application.  Great for everyone age 3 and older.

Head Ease Essential Oil Blend $22

 Head Ease is a combination of eight essential oils known to ease the pain of headaches such as Peppermint, Basil, Rosemary, Juniper, Bois de Rose, Black Cumin, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Grapefruit. Head Ease can also be used to cool down an overheated body. Use directly on the head where it hurts or at upper part of neck to cool an overheated body.

Clarity Essential Oil Blend $22

 Clarity is wonderful when you need to jump start your day or sharpen your mind for that big meeting, exam, or day on the set. Excellent to wear as a cologne when you need to be alert when driving your car for hours. You can also beat the effects of jet lag.  Clarity is a unique blend of Grapefruit, Basil, peppermint, Black Cumin, and Rosemary known for their stimulating effects, along with Lavender to round it out and provide immune system support.

Bliss Essential Oil Blend $36

 Bliss is the perfect oil to uplift your day.  Bliss can be used as a cologne, placed in the bath & jacuzzi, on the soles of feet, feathered over your pillow, and diffused in the air.

The Miracle of MMS Cured Viral Bronchitis in a Few Hours

First off, this is not an advertisement and I am not selling you anything.  This is my personal experience.

I want to tell you how I conquered the nasty virus that hit me March 4, 2011 – and which for most people when contracted takes weeks to months to get over.  Here’s the story of my experience . . . On Friday, March 3rd, my energy began to drop down and I felt totally dehydrated.  My boyfriend fell to the virus about a week ahead of me . . . which then began to attack me.  By Saturday night I was down.  I battled it with essential oils, all kinds of dietary supplements and lots of bed rest which usually works – but not this time – this one nailed me by jumping into my lungs on the second day.  On Tuesday, I was browsing the net and came upon the Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) founded/discovered by Jim Humble.  I then remembered that my boyfriend had helped a guy out on a project about a year ago – and as a “thank you” sent a bottle of MMS.  The MMS sat in our fridge since receiving it. (more…)

Simple Cancer Remedy from 7-Time Nobel Nominee Dr. Johanna Budwig

The Budwig Diet is a cancer remedy that’s simple and the ingredients are on your health food store shelves.  The basics of the Budwig Diet consists of organic cottage cheese and organic flax seed oil, along with antioxidants, a little sunlight exposure on your skin (without cancerous sunscreens please!) and some light exercise thrown in when able. Now that’s about as simple as it gets!  Dr. Johanna Budwig removed people from the hospital who were given a few hours – to a few days to live and restored their health with this energizing combination of whole, healthy, oxygen-rich foods.

Being an expert on fats back in the 1950’s, Dr. Budwig warned of the dangers of eating trans fats – YES – back in the 1950’s!!!! Because of her expertise in fats, Dr. Budwig found that by combining a high sulfurated protein such as cottage cheese with photon-rich flax oil, the oil becomes water-soluble, allowing it to easily penetrate the cell wall and provide much needed elements such as missing electrons and ample oxygen to create a healthy environment where disease such as cancer cannot exist.  The Budwig Diet is quite literally an oxygen bomb for your body!  By the way, the Budwig Diet doesn’t just handle cancer – but a whole host of other supposed “incurable” diseases as well.

The basic Budwig Diet consists of:

1 cup organic cottage cheese

1 tablespoon organic flax oil per 50 lbs body mass, example: 100 lb person adds 2 tablespoons; 150 lb person adds 3 tablespoons; 175 lb person adds 3-1/2 tablespoons)

1-2 tablespoons freshly ground flax seeds (use coffee grinder to grind seed)  Optional


Mash together well and eat immediately. The Budwig Diet cannot be stored – eat right away upon mixing. (If feeding to a dog – give them a mixture according to their body weight and be sure to mash it even more since dogs don’t chew much!)

The Budwig Diet is an element you add to your current diet.  Those dealing with a degenerative illness would be advised to remove sugars and anything that converts to sugars in the body (bread, pasta, alcohol, etc.).

Here’s the amazing results I witnessed within a week of me & my 18-pound Pomeranian having The Budwig Diet every morning: Teddy had two growths on the top of her head near her left ear that had been growing for about a year. It started out as one hard node and developed into two. These nodes looked identical to a node (looked like a bubble on top of a bubble) that turned out to be a very aggressive cancerous tumor in my previous Pomeranian, Sammy, several years ago. I was very nervous about getting a biopsy on Teddy’s growths since the node removed from Sammy (upon serious recommendation from his vet), was found to be a type of cancer, when disturbed, spreads fast and kills quickly. It did, I lost my little guy to a gaping, open, bloody-weeping cancerous wound. It literally ate his left thigh away. It was horrible! So, not wanting to even think of going through a biopsy with Teddy – fearing I’d ignite an aggressive cancer which would take her out sooner – I left it alone.  About a year later, I discovered the Budwig Diet.  I am so happy to say – both nodes completely disappeared by the 7th DAY of feeding her two heaping teaspoons of my Budwig Diet each day! One week – and they were gone with absolutely no evidence that the nodes were ever there in the first place! Every hair on her head was in place – no sores, no bald spots – just a furry little head!!!  Now that’s the beauty of natural healing!  But, that’s not the end of it – Teddy started taking me for a walk – she was energized! She had so much energy that she’d race ahead of me and I’d have to keep up – thank goodness I was energized by The Budwig Diet too!

Please spread the word of the Budwig Diet to your loved ones – no one should suffer mutilations and poisoning with chemicals and radiation – when we can use good foods to actually heal ourselves instead – what a novel idea!  We don’t have to give our wealth and our health over to “white coats” who receive a whole whopping 4 hours of nutritional training to receive their medical degree.  Keep in mind, everything that goes in our mouth is what our bodies are made of – so the old adage “You are what you eat” is still an absolute physical law which will lead you to health – or to a pretty miserable death by disease. I ask my clients – which would you rather drive — an old jalopy that leaves body parts along the road as your driving — or would you like to drive a well-tuned high-performance vehicle? The fuel we put in our bodies will dictate our health.   Take control of your health – eat organic and strive to make at least half of your meal raw.  Supplementing with a high quality probiotic and a broad spectrum digestive enzyme is also recommended especially when eating cooked foods.

The Budwig Diet is only one of the natural remedies that are effective in creating a healthy body – but I would say – it’s one of the most expedient in providing a stronghold of health in a very short period of time. Many natural therapies take time to see marked results and I don’t discount their effectiveness, but the Budwig Diet results seem to be amazingly immediate from my experience.

I recommend using many different natural therapies – good quality supplements, superfoods, herbs, exercise, organics, raw foods, sunshine, etc. – since many roads lead to Rome as they say!  Do take your anti-oxidants (Vitamin C, Resveratrol, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin E, Astaxanthin, etc.) and eat anti-oxidant rich foods (Acai Berry, Goji Berries, Raw Chocolate, Flax Seed, etc.).  Bear in mind, the Budwig Diet is a pro-oxidant – it’s like stoking the furnace with fuel, creating a brilliant flame – but – from that flame fly little sparks (free radicals) that create little wildfires (stealing electrons from healthy cells) and cause damage (oxidative stress).  This is why adding anti-oxidants to your daily diet is so important to counteract the “collateral damage.”

One thing to note about flax seed oil is – you must keep it refrigerated. Flax oil is unrefined and becomes rancid quickly. Always re-cap the bottle and refrigerate immediately after using. Use within 8 weeks of opening the bottle.  You will find organic flax oil at your local health food store in the refrigerated section – I personally use the Flora brand which is in an amber “glass” bottle.  Glass containers are always better than plastic.

To Your Health!!!  Bon Appetit!

P.S.  See my article on “The Miracle of MMS – It Cured Viral Bronchitis in a Few Hours.”  MMS can remedy cancer, hepatitis, AIDS, Ebola, Lupus, TB, Colds/Flu, Malaria, etc., etc., etc., . . . all without robbing you of your wealth.

Want to Breathe E-Z?

Once you try Breathe E-Z Essential Oil Blend – you’ll never want to be without it!  Breathe E-Z will cut right through the “goo” that prevents us from breathing freely.  I’ve tried this on the most hardcore naysayers of natural remedies and none of them could nix this little beauty.  It looks quite unassuming in the 1/8 and 1/2 oz available sizes but – wow – what a punch it packs!

Breathe E-Z EOB contains 15 different essential oils in a synergistic blend to relieve issues with the respiratory system such as sinusitis, bronchitis, colds & flu, asthma, sore throat, ear infections, itchy ears, and, it’s great for skin blemishes too as it dries them up and eliminates many strains of bacteria and viruses on the skin that cause secondary infections.

How Does Bioluminescence Promote a Healthy Body?

First, what is bioluminescence?  It’s energy.  Energy is in everything in varying levels of frequency and light.  Einstein was all over this in his Theory of Relativity. The current standard definition of bioluminescence refers to those creatures that emit light such as the firefly, glowworm and various marine cephalopods.  In actuality, we all glow – most of us can’t see it – but some of us can!  Seeing “auras” around people, plants or animals, is seeing the bioluminescent field – the life force energy of the being.  For those who have never seen an aura, and would like to, see my Helpful Hint below.  I also recommend checking out Kirlian Photography.


Soothing Throat Relieves Pain Upon Contact

Shortly after I formulated Soothing Throat Relief Spray, I had given a bottle to a friend of mine. About a month or so later, I called her to catch up. She said her boyfriend was down sick with a terrible cold again. I asked her if he was using the Breathe E-Z and she said – “yeah and he says it really helps him.” I then asked if he was using the Soothing Throat Relief Spray, and she said “I’m not sure – I’ll have to ask.”

Two weeks later they invited me over for dinner.  When I walked through the door, I was met with wide eyes and the statement “Your Soothing Throat Relief saved me!”  I was thrilled to hear this since I hadn’t gotten any reviews on that product yet.  I hurriedly asked him to elaborate on his experience.  He said “My throat felt like it was full of knives and as soon as I used your spray – the pain went away!”  Isn’t that the kind of speedy action we want and expect out of remedies???  Natural is about as good as it gets.  (more…)

Healing Essential Oil Blend

Healing Essential Oil Blend (Healing EOB) is one of the main three Health Guardians of my medicinal essential oil blends. Healing EOB heals injuries to skin like you would not believe!  Not only is Healing EOB a skin cell regenerator, but it also prevents infection by eliminating bacteria and viruses on the skin surface which are responsible for secondary infections that delay the healing process.

Let’s take a cat scratch for instance. It itches and burns and is one of the more pesky injuries to our skin that can drive us crazy.  Healing EOB not only takes the itch out, but stops the inevitable infection that results from the bacteria/viruses transferred from the cat’s claw. An interesting story about this is, a small shop here in Southern California who began carrying my aromatherapy line also has a resident cat. The cat is cool to a point – if a customer gets too clingy – the cat may respond with a claw. One customer got clingy – and – got clawed.  If the shop owner had used the Healing EOB after the incident – they may have been able to turn a customer on to Healing EOB – instead of being sued for the infection the customer incurred from the cat scratch.  But, in all the turmoil, the Healing EOB was forgotten and the poor shop owner had to deal with a lawsuit.  Personally, I can’t even fathom someone suing over a cat scratch – but some throw their ethics right out the window at the potential of free cash for their miniscule discomfort – for shame.  This shop keeper is just trying to make an honest, modest living. (more…)

Curative Tea Formula Using Honeybush Red, Pau D’Arco and Cat’s Claw Teas

This tea is very powerful in combating all kinds of conditions.  It’s a combination of Honeybush Red, Pau D’Arco, and Cat’s Claw.  These teas are chipped and shredded tree/vine bark and heartwood.
First, I’ll give you the formula – and then I’ll tell you a little about each tea.  For more in-depth info on each of these teas – Google, Baby, Google!!! (more…)

Relieve Stress in Two Minutes! The Two & Two Method

The Two & Two Method takes two minutes and two people – thus the “Two & Two” part of the title. This very simple technique can relieve so much pain and discomfort and it’s effortless and quick.  Just follow these simple instructions:

The “Receiver” sits down in an open-back chair with his/her back to the “Giver.”

The Giver stands behind Reciever and places a hand on each shoulder, fingers on front of shoulders and thumbs over back of shoulders in a firm – but not digging – hold. (Never dig your fingers into the Receiver – you’re there to deliver soothing relief – not add to the pain of possibly inflamed muscles.)

Gently rock one shoulder forward and one shoulder backwards in a smooth and gentle rocking motion. Do this for a couple minutes – sometimes moving hands down to the upper arms and back to shoulders, gently, but firmly rocking back and forth. (To find their comfort zone, ask the Receiver if your grip is too loose, too tight or just right for them – then adjust accordingly.)

You can also do this rocking motion down the center of the back with the palms of your hands, gently moving back and forth between the shoulder blades (spreading their wings!).

On a physiological level, this action gets the lymphatic fluids moving through your tissues enhancing your body’s repair of stagnated and inflamed tissues. On an energy level, electrical pathways open up (also known as meridians). Trust me – you really want this!

If you would like to increase the relief, my essential oil blend – Muscle Relief is available – just go to our shop above. You simply rub a couple of drops of Muscle Relief into shoulders and back of neck.  Muscle Relief penetrates, relieves pain and reduces the heat of inflammation in the muscles.  You’ll love the cooling soothing Muscle Relief!

In minutes, you and your partner can relieve loads of stress from each other. I highly recommend the “Ten & Two” Method as well – ten minutes & two people! Try it – you’ll love it!!!

Kitchen Appliances Are Not All About “Cooking” Anymore

For those who choose healthy living as their lifestyle rather than falling into the illness trap of taking a bunch of chemical drugs, there’s great news!  You can start today into a healthier and happier tomorrow.  It begins by properly outfitting your kitchen with appliances and tools that support a healthy diet.  What are these appliances – you wonder?  Let me show you what I use …

1. High-Speed Blender:  HP3 Blend Tec Total Blender, Vita Mix, or Vita Prep (approx $300-$400 online).  The Vita Prep Blender is a Vita Mix with a variable speed dial, and is the one I currently own and use daily.  From what I’ve read, the HP3 Blendtec Total Blender is more powerful and will fit under your kitchen cabinets, while the Vita Mix & Vita Prep are too tall and take twice the counter space.

2. Masticating Juicer:  SoloStar II   (Approx. $260 online)
I own this masticating juicer, which will juice wheatgrass, veggies & fruits. It also has a homogenizing feature which I use to pulverize dates into a paste – it’s so easy.  I chose the SoloStar II by recommendation from a former staff member of the Esalen Institute. I researched the others first, then decided to go with the SoloStar II due to the longer auger which extracts more juice from the pulp. I’ve found this machine does not juice pomegranates very well. The seeds become like a cement at the end of the auger and will stop the SoloStar II in its tracks if you try to juice more than one before cleaning it to juice another.

3. Excalibur Dehydrator (9 trays) (approx $250 with 9 Teflex sheets, online)
I dehydrate all kinds of crackers, fruits, nuts, fruit-nut-seed bars, chocolate macaroons that are to “live” for!  Everyone keeps telling me I should sell my goodies, but I’m going to do one better – – I’m going to let you know how to do all this yourself!  How ’bout that!  Just check out my “Recipes” and “Healthy Living” sections above.  Make sure when ordering your dehydrator that you purchase the Teflex Sheets for dehydrating gooey mixtures such as Flax Crackers, Fruit Leathers, etc.

4. Food Processor
Usually a $60 unit is sufficient in power, reliability and easy to clean. I use mine all the time to make Tabouli, a highly nutritious mediterranean salad.

5. Salad Shooter (approx $40-$60 for regular and pro models)
Very handy in quickly shredding or slicing veggies.

6. Salad Spinner  (approx $20)
Excellent in rinsing and drying leafy vegetables.

I know a few of these appliances are a little pricey, but they are built to last and will provide many years of good service to help you gain and/or maintain a healthy body, sound mind, and peaceful spirit.  Do a little research to get acquainted with the appliances like I did – there’s a lot of great info on the internet which will give you a good understanding of how they are used.

See my “Recipes” section for amazing delectables that will not only tempt your tastebuds – but totally feed your body high-test fuel!!! There’s no guilt eating these foods, they’re clean fuel for our bodies. Some recipes use the appliances above and others don’t require any special equipment at all such as my Raw Frozen Candy recipe – both kids and adults love it!

No one else is responsible for our health – only us as individuals.  Make wise choices – eat foods that support your healthy body.

Frozen Quick & Healthy Candy

How about an amazingly simple candy recipe that’s actually good for you & your kids – and it involves no cooking – just freezing!  I tried this candy on an 11 year-old with junk food junkie taste buds – and he loved it!  It was interesting to watch his face as he chewed, detecting the amazing flavors as they burst on his tongue one-by-one.  This is a no-guilt candy – it actually feeds your body nutrients it can use to regenerate itself!  It’s a win – win!

Tip:  This is frozen candy, it gets mushy rather quickly at room temperature.  Eat immediately once removed from freezer for crunchy candy bar texture.

Frozen Quick & Healthy Candy

  • 1/4 cup Raw Cacao Nibs – super antioxidant – gives the candy a crunch!
  • 1/4 cup Goji Berries – super antioxidant
  • 1/2 cup Shredded Unsweetened Coconut – good fat
  • 3 Tbls Raw Almond Butter – good fat & protein
  • 3 Tbls Coconut Palm Sugar Granules – natural low-glycemic sweetener


Mix all ingredients well, put in a small ziplock freezer bag, smoosh it flat and freeze it for a minimum of 30 minutes.  When well frozen, break off a small piece to munch on – mmmm, so good and so good for you!!!

Individual candy portions can be made as well.  Get candy cups (like those in boxed chocolates) at the craft supply shop and drop small portions of candy in the paper cups. Then place in a container and freeze.  (Recycled plastic food containers such as sushi to-go containers can be used to hold and freeze the candies – and makes a great looking gift.)

Imagine that – candy that’s good for you – what a concept!  Well, you don’t have to imagine it anymore – now you’ve got the recipe!

Helpful tip:  This is a super munchy candy – so take small bites.  All ingredients are available online or in your local health food store.

Happy munching!

Homemade Raw Organic Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

For those of us who are able to buy Raw Organic Dairy products, this is a recipe for you!  This makes the most delicious raw organic ice cream ever!  This ice cream has an amazing light caramel flavor thanks to the Coconut Palm Sugar which is a low glycemic sweetener made from the flower nectar of the Coconut Palm, a sustainably grown crop.  You can make this recipe with homogenized dairy – but you won't be getting the health benefits that raw organic dairy delivers in enzymes and good intestinal flora.  With this recipe you will not need an ice cream maker.  If you choose to use an ice cream maker, be sure it is not made of aluminum. 

Homemade Raw Organic Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

1.  Place in large bowl:

     16 oz Organic Raw Cream
     2/3 cup Coconut Palm Sugar granules
     1 Tbls Vanilla Extract – or – 1 Vanilla Bean – (beans scooped out)
2.  Whisk well to dissolve sugar, then add:
     16 oz Organic Raw Milk
3.  Whisk to blend.
4.  Pour into glass bowls with lids.  (I use assorted sized bowls.)
5.  Here's the stirring sequence
     a.  After one hour, stir.
     b.  After another hour, stir.
     c.  Every 30 minutes stir – until ice cream sets.
If you do not stir it at all, the cream will rise to the top and freeze.  I usually let the cream rise to the top – then just dig down far enough with my spoon to get both luscious layers in one spoonful – it all works out just fine! 

This is not your typical thick creamy ice cream that leaves you thirsty.  It's actually thirst quenching and makes you feel good instead weighed down.  It's delicious – and oh so good for you when it's raw & organic.

Helpful tip:  Instead of discarding the vanilla bean pod – you can add the pod to your bottle of vanilla extract to intensify the extract, or add it to a few ounces of Vodka to make your own vanilla extract.

Sweet Tart & Tangy Coleslaw

Best Coleslaw Ever – Hold the Mayo! If you take this coleslaw to a potluck party, I can guarantee the bowl will be emptied and requests for the recipe will abound! Not only is this one of the most colorful coleslaw salads – there is no mayonnaise or oil in the dressing.

This sweet, tart and tangy coleslaw delightfully startles your taste buds with a south of the border flair with it’s light chipotle flavor. So, without further ado, here is one of the best coleslaw recipes on the planet!


¼ cup Unfiltered Organic Cider Vinegar
2 Tbls Organic Coconut Palm Nectar (low-glycemic natural sweetener)
½ – ¾ Tsp Sea salt (Himalayan, Celtic, or Sun Fire Salt are the best!)
1 Tbls Roasted Chipotle Sauce


¾ lb Green Cabbage, thinly shredded
2 Carrots, shredded
½ Red Bell Pepper, seeded and cut into thin julienne strips
½ Yellow Bell Pepper, seeded and cut into thin julienne strips
6 large Red Radishes, trimmed and cut into thin julienne strips
2 Tbls (or more) Fresh Cilantro, chopped (also known as Coriander or Chinese Parsley)

1. To make the dressing, in a small bowl whisk the vinegar, coconut palm syrup, salt to taste, and chipotle sauce.

2. In a bowl, toss together the cabbage, carrots, bell peppers and radishes. Pour the dressing over the vegetables, add the cilantro, and toss well. Serve immediately.

Serves 6

This is a great raw salad that you can eat throughout the week. Prepare all the vegetables, place them in a ziplock bag, squeeze all the air out and seal. This keeps the veggies fresh. Also, if you use ceramic knives to cut the veggies, your salad will look like you just cut it – even after an entire week. Make two batches of the dressing and put in a glass container (a small recycled hot pepper bottle works great). Then dish out a serving, sprinkle with dressing and enjoy every last crunch of this amazing salad.

Helpful tip:  Make sure all or most of your veggies are organic – it makes a big difference – not only are you avoiding a toxic load of chemicals, but you’re getting full mineral content to feed your body crucial elements to sustain health.  Also, the Coconut Palm Sugar Nectar and Coconut Palm Sugar Granules are the latest all natural organic low-glycemic sweetener hitting the market.  It can be found online and possibly in your local health food store.

I honestly feel sorry for those who pride themselves on eating junk food, foods grown with poisons and GMO Frankenfoods.  Unless they are an amazing alchemist & metaphysician – they are likely to experience serious health concerns down the line.  I warned a guitarist friend of mine who refuses to eat nutritious foods and drinks pepsi like a fish, that he was pushing his body with his junk-food diet.  A couple years later, I received a call from him asking for advice as to why the tendons in his arm was seizing up while playing.  The reason was obvious to me – his body was in an acidic state due to all the sugars, dehydrated from not drinking water and malnourished due to a diet of dead, poisonous, sugar-laden junk food.  Our Body Truly Is Made of What We Eat!  Eat good stuff and feel the difference . . .

Homemade Raw Organic Almond Milk – Yummy!!!

YUMMY IS THE WORD!!!!  You haven’t really had almond milk – until – you’ve made it yourself!  It’s creamy, smooth and amazingly delicious!  Store-bought almond milk is good in a pinch, but if you want the Bentley of almond milks – you’ve just got to make it yourself – there is no comparison.

To begin with, you start out with truly “raw” almonds.  As some of you may have heard, the FDA, USDA and California Almond Board deemed it necessary to pasteurize or irradiate all commercially sold almonds on the account of a few alleged cases of salmonella.  Now all commercially sold almonds are either heated to extreme temperatures which kills the almonds dead or exposed to radiation to supposedly eradicate contaminants which also kills the almonds dead.

The good news?  There’s a grower here in California who sells raw unpasteurized, non-irradiated organic almonds direct to the public.  They are D&S Ranches, their link is: http://www.almonds-from-california.com/.  The almond harvest begins in September and is available through the year depending how supplies last.  I’ve had no problem so far obtaining them throughout the year.

Each pound of almonds makes about three quarts of almond milk.  I make one quart at a time since it will sour after 4-5 days.  I use organic coconut palm syrup to lightly sweeten along with a splash of vanilla and a couple dashes of Celtic sea salt (exact recipe follows).  You will need a high-speed blender such as the KTEC HP3 Total Blender, VitaMix, VitaPrep, etc. (these blenders range about $300-$400 new, keep eye on craigslist/garage sales for deals).  You will also need a nut milk bag (optimal method to extract pulp from milk, nut milk bags are available online), or several layers of cheesecloth (rather messy, available at grocery store).

I know the price tag on the blenders is steep for many.  It’s a lot less than a stove, takes up less room, easy to clean, and will probably be the last blender you’ll ever buy.  You’ll be amazed how many good raw foods can be made into delicious nutritious meals and beverages that actually support your body’s daily biochemical needs for a vibrant mind & body.

Homemade Raw Organic Almond Milk

1 cup Raw Organic Almonds (soaked a minimum of 4 hours in pure filtered water)
1/4 cup Raw Coconut Palm Nectar (I use just a little less than a 1/4 cup)
Splash of vanilla
2 dashes Celtic or Himalayan Sea Salt
4 cups filtered Water

1.  Cover 1 cup almonds in 2 cups filtered water and soak for a minimum of 4 hours – I usually soak overnight.  After soaking, drain almonds and rinse well in filtered water.

2.  Place almonds and 4 cups of filtered water into a high speed blender for 2 minutes on high (use timer – do not under or over blend).  When done, the almond milk will be slightly warm due to friction, but not so warm as to kill enzymes.

3.  Get a large glass pitcher (or large bowl) and place nut milk bag inside. Pour about half of the almond milk into the bag within the pitcher or bowl. Cinch bag with the tie at the top, then slowly squeeze the almond milk into the pitcher. Once all the milk has been squeezed through, empty the bag of almond pulp into a small bowl and set aside.  Place the bag back into the pitcher, pour the remaining almond milk into the nut milk bag and squeeze through as before, then again empty almond pulp into small bowl.

4.  Pour the pitcher of almond milk back into the empty blender, add the coconut palm nectar, vanilla, and sea salt and lightly blend on low setting for just a few moments to mix.

5.  Pour almond milk back into glass pitcher, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate.  To sample immediately, add almond milk to glass of ice – it’s so good – and good for you.  I like to drink it, put it in my smoothies, pour it over some flax cereal, etc..

Makes 1 quart.

Helpful tip:  Organic Coconut Palm Nectar is an all natural low-glycemic sweetener.  It’s available online and possibly at a health food store near you.

Now, what do we do with the almond pulp? That’s where a dehydrator comes in handy. I have the Excalibur 9-tray which is a restaurant quality product (costs around $225). A dehydrator is best used in a well-ventilated room where constant fan noise and humidity is not an issue. To dry the almond pulp into flour, simply break the pulp down into small crumbles with your fingers. Spread the crumbles over a Teflex sheet on a dehydrator screen. Place in dehydrator and set temperature to 105 degrees and dehydrate till dry (maybe 5 hours or so). Once dry, you may leave the flour in a course crumble or place in a high speed blender and pulverize into a fine flour.  It is best stored in an air-tight container in the refrigerator and used soon.

Remember, the more raw organic foods you eat – the more “alive” your body will be.  Raw foods contain bioluminescence which is life-promoting photonic energy and they transfer that life energy to you when you eat them.  Cooked foods do not contain bioluminescence as evidenced in Kirlian photographs of raw and cooked vegetables.  Choose more raw foods for your healthy lifestyle.

Lemon “Meringue” Salad Dressing

OK, so it’s not really a Meringue!  But it sure tastes like it – YUM!  This salad dressing will perk up your salad like you would not believe – at least until you try it . . .

And, not only does it taste phenomenal, but it’s packed full of nutritional energy.  Lemons also have a nice alkalizing and cleansing action in our bodies — mix that with some interesting salad greens and veggies and you’re body will be pleased.  Coconut Nectar can be found at various health food stores and online.  It’s made from the flower of the coconut palm tree and is rated low on the glycemic index.

2 Tbls Lemon Zest, finely grated (basically, 1 lrg/med lemon)

6 Tbls Lemon Juice, freshly squeezed (Squeeze the zested lemon)

1/3 Cup Grapeseed Oil

1/3 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Tbls Coconut Vinegar or White Balsamic Vinegar

3-6 Tbls Coconut Palm Nectar (add to taste)

Place in glass jar – an old salad dressing bottle works great.  Shake well and enjoy on your favorite salad.

Helpful tip: Coconut Palm Nectar gives your recipes a wonderful light caramel flavor.  To substitute Coconut Palm Nectar instead of sugar into other recipes, I would recommend adding a little bit more Nectar as it isn’t quite as sweet as sugar.  It’s close – so don’t go overboard unless you have a gargantuan sweet tooth!

Anti-Aging Smoothie

This smoothie is the real deal – Definitely NOT what you get at the local juice outlet. This little blend packs a punch of antioxidants and nutrients while still being the best tasting blender drink you’ve ever had!

Anti-Aging Smoothie

2 Tbls Coconut Oil
4 oz Orange Juice
1-2 oz Pomegranate Juice
1 Tsp Triphala Powder
1 Tbls Bee Pollen
1/2 Tsp Camu Camu Berry Powder

1 to 1-1/2 cups fresh/frozen fruit:

Place all ingredients into a blender and puree till smooth.  Keep in mind – you can use any fruits you have on hand.  The more blue and red fruits you use – increases the anti-oxidant and anti-aging effects.

The above ingredients are available online, at farmer’s markets and good health food stores.

Raw Chocolate Pudding

This delicious pudding has no dairy and no cane sugar.  All the ingredients below contain their full nutritive value to support a healthy body.  This is definitely a “guilt-free” dessert!

2 cups Young Raw Coconut Meat
2 cups Coconut Water (use less for thicker consistency)
1/3 cup Maple Syrup
1/3 cup Organic Coconut Palm Nectar
1/3 cup Raw Cacao Powder (if using conventional blender, add 1 extra Tbls)
2 Tbls Cacao Nibs (leave out if using a conventional blender)
2 Tbls Vanilla Extract
1/4 Tsp Sea Salt (Himalayan, Celtic or Sun Fire)

Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender till smooth.  If using a conventional blender, do not add the Cacao Nibs  – unless you like your pudding with crunchy bits!  You can find the ingredients online, at the farmer’s markets and at good health food stores.

Tip:  You may substitute Coconut Palm Nectar for the Maple Syrup if you would like to lower the amount of sugar – so just add 2/3 cup of Coconut Palm Nectar and leave out the Maple Syrup.  I like to use Maple Syrup due to the additional potent vitamins, minerals and amino acids it contains.

The South Central Mixology Cocktail

This is a mixology cocktail influenced by pre-prohibition cocktails based on high quality spirits and natural fresh organic fruits and veggie ingredients. This is one of the most amazing cocktails I have ever experienced.

Each sip is an explosion of fresh taste. The combination of cucumber and mint is so exciting that it inspires great conversations! 

Chill glasses by filling with ice. You can use martini or cocktail glasses filled with ice.

4 Slices of Cucumber (if using small persian cucumbers – 8 slices)
1 Splash of Water or Soda Water
10 Fresh Mint Leaves

Place cucumber slices into a cocktail shaker. Add a splash of water or soda water. Using a muddling tool, press the slices using the muddling tool to release juice- you can also use a bowl and a fork, or a mortar and pestle to lightly mash the cucumber slices. Then add mint and lightly bruise it into the cucumber.

With cucumber mint mixture in the cocktail shaker, fill shaker with Cocktail Ice (preferably) or homemade ice in a pinch.

Then add:

4 oz High Quality Tequila
(Anejo Tequila adds a distinctive Tequila flavor to the drink. A Silver Tequila is a little more transparent in taste.)

2 oz Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice

4 oz  Organic Coconut Palm Simple Syrup (natural low-glycemic sweetener)
(To make Coconut Palm Simple Syrup – mix 2 oz Coconut Palm Nectar with 6 oz Water (spring or filtered))

Shake above ingredients in a cocktail shaker vigorously for 20 seconds.  Strain into 2 chilled martini glasses and float a thin slice of fresh cucumber on top. Or, strain into cocktail glasses over ice.  Cheers!

Serves 2

Chocolate Macaroons – Guilt Free!

WOW! If you like chocolate and you like coconut – you’ll LOVE these! My good friend Pat helped make a batch of these raw little beauties one night. Of course throughout the experience – Pat had to continually quality test the macaroon mixture.  After dehydrating for 12 hours, then refrigerating overnight, Pat tasted one and said “Oh my God – they’re even better cold!” as if blown away they could taste any better than they were warm out of the dehydrator! They are – really – that good!

These raw treats are actually good for you too! Many people have been taught that coconuts are full of bad fat – and will make our bodies fat. Ohhh, contraire! The fat in coconuts is actually good for us. I heard a story about a rancher who thought adding coconut oil to the cattle feed would fatten-up his stock. But, the coconut fat actually had an opposite affect – the animals lost weight and became more active!!!

So, to sum it up – the fat in raw coconut is good fat the body can use; the natural sweetener, Coconut Palm Nectar, does not spike your blood sugar like cane sugar – but enters your blood stream slowly; and the raw chocolate is full of antioxidants that support good brain function. So, go ahead make these amazing macaroons and enjoy!!! The beauty of eating foods that actually have nutritional value is – your body will signal when it’s had enough. My average is about three macaroons – five if my sweet tooth is in overdrive!

Oh – and one other thing – – eating coconut oil and rubbing the oil directly into your skin will produce soft silky skin. Perfect for keeping your skin looking youthful.  So – let ‘s get the recipe out to you – shall we???

*Special equipment needed to make this recipe: Dehydrator. Raw organic ingredients can be found at health food stores and online raw food retailers. Online orders are best delivered via UPS or Fed Ex (ground) as they do not irradiate your foods with x-rays.

Raw Chocolate Macaroons

Organic Ingredients:

1/3 cup raw Coconut Oil
1/3 cup raw Coconut Butter
1-1/2 cups raw Coconut Palm Nectar
2 tbls Vanilla Extract
1 tsp Sea Salt (Celtic, Sun Fire or Himalayan Pink are recommended)
1-1/2 cup raw Cacao Powder (aka raw Chocolate Powder)

Combine Coconut Butter and Coconut Oil until well blended, then mix in Coconut Palm Nectar, Vanilla and Sea Salt.  Slowly add in Raw Cacao Powder.

Then add: (2 cups at a time)                                                                                                     6 cups Unsweetened Fancy Shredded Coconut

Mix well.

Set out four dehydrator trays topped with Teflex sheets. With the small end of a melon-baller, scoop up enough mixture to slightly over-fill it, then use your finger to scoop it out and form a small ball. Place on the tray and continue till all are formed. I fill four trays with 36 macaroons each (six rows of six), totaling 144 macaroons.

Hint: By using the small end of the melon-baller, I keep the size small and consistent – otherwise the size starts growing!  These macaroons are very rich and chewy, so keep them bite size – and they’ll dry faster too.  Also, don’t knock yourself out trying to make these perfect little balls since the fancy shredded coconut is rather spiky and unwieldy.  You can form them into rounder balls while they’re still warm after dehydrating – or you can leave them spiky.  For a smoother looking macaroon – use an unsweetened medium shredded coconut.

Set the temp at 115 degrees and dehydrate for 8-12 hours – the longer – the more solid they become. When done, remove macaroons, shape them further if you want a rounder appearance, then place in storage containers and refrigerate.  I like the macaroons cold – but others like them at room temperature.  All ingredients in this recipe are stable at room temperature – so leaving a box of these out all day will not harm them and can be placed back in the fridge and used again.

Variation:  The Vanilla Macaroon version of this recipe is also unbelievably good!  Simply add more coconut to replace the cacao powder – until batter is less wet and will dry quicker.  The Vanilla Macaroon has a light caramel flavor due to the Coconut Palm Nectar – it is scrumptiously divine!!!

Hint: I recycle clear-top sushi take-out trays and put my macaroons in them.  They look great and make terrific gifts!

Bon Appetit!

Raw Tomato Crisps

These Tomato Crisps are wafer thin and made of pure raw tomato – nothing else – unless I choose to spice it up with some garlic powder, or Celtic sea salt, Tellicherry black pepper (super flavor!), finely chopped fresh basil or dry basil flakes, Italian seasoning, chili paste, etc.

1.  All you do is quarter some ripe roma tomatoes, put them in the blender and puree till smooth.  You may choose to season the puree with spices and blend into the puree – or – keep it plain and lightly dust each tray with different spices for a variety of flavors.  Make as much or as little as you like.  I usually puree 4-8 tomatoes at a time, spread onto trays and lightly dust with seasonings – or before pouring onto trays, I’ll mix in some finely chopped basil which is one of my favorites!  You can use any of your favorite fresh or dry herbs that go well with tomatoes – cilantro, Italian parsley, oregano, thyme, etc.  If you like it spicy – add a little chile and/or a little garlic to your puree.  Be careful with garlic – it super intensifies in flavor and packs a punch when dehydrated!

2.  Pour enough tomato puree onto your dehydrator tray lined with Teflex sheets to spread out a 1/4″ thick layer to within an inch from the edge of the tray.  A flat spatula is a good tool to spread the puree.  Stay at least an inch from the edge to keep puree from flowing over edge of trays.  If it seems a little watery just blot with a paper towel to soak up excess.  If you pour too much puree onto the tray, just spoon it back into the blender until you get a fairly even 1/4″ thick spread.  After forming the puree on your dehydrator tray, pick up the tray then lightly, and gently, shake tray horizontally to smooth out.

3.  Set your dehydrator at 115 degrees.  The tomato crisps should be dry in about 4-6 hours.  Make sure your dehydrator is on a very flat surface, otherwise the tomato puree will slide off the tray and create a big mess!

4.  When the sheet of tomato crisp is fully dry, peel the Teflex sheet away from tomato crisp, then use kitchen scissors to cut the sheet of tomato crisp into any size you like.  I usually cut them in 3″x4″ rectangles.

Tomato Crisps are great with crackers and goat cheese, on sandwiches, crumble into soups & salads, pasta sauces, as a flavorful snack all by itself, and whatever else you want to create with it!  You’ll be amazed by the enjoyable intense tomato flavor of Tomato Crisps.

Helpful Tip:  Freshly dehydrated spices are far more flavorful than store bought.  Grow your own spices – or get fresh local grown organic spices from the farmer’s market, clean and remove stems and dehydrate at 115 degrees until done.

Crunchy Raw Nuts

Would you like to have crunchy nuts that actually contain all of their nutrients? You’re just not going to get that with roasted nuts. Much of the nutrients have been roasted right out of them – and then – you’re feeding your body dead food that does little to enhance your body’s life force.

No bioluminescence is left in roasted nuts – all the vital phytonutrients, enzymes and much of the vitamins are roasted out of them and the previously good fats turn to being not so good for you.

Dehydrated nuts on the other hand are packed full of their vital phytonutrients, enzymes and bioluminescence to give your body the nutrient boost it needs to regenerate itself. Do you want a healthy body? Then dehydrated nuts are just what your body needs!

Always start with raw, organic nuts.  I order my almonds direct from a local ranch.  Please note that most raw almonds in the U.S. are now IRRADIATED or pasteurized.  This means they are dead, dead, dead!!!

Once the FDA, USDA and California Almond Board decided almonds were to be irradiated, I noticed the almonds at a local health store looked shriveled and “prune-like,” the texture had changed and the nuts just seemed dead.  I figured they must have been irradiated and quit buying them.  It was then I sought out a local provider.  So, my point being, the labels might say “raw,” but I do not consider irradiated or pasteurized nuts to be truly “RAW.”  So, do find a good source for organic raw almonds.

Here are some easy to follow instructions for dehydrating nuts.

1. Soak your nuts.  This is a crucial step.  The minimum soak time is 4 hours, the maximum is around 24 hours with a couple rinsings during the 24 hour period.  Soaking overnight works great.  Make sure you soak the nuts in pure filtered or spring water.  Soaking the nuts releases the protein coating which makes the entire enzyme content available to your body during digestion.  This is a really good thing, since your body is not required to use it’s own enzymes for digestion – this promotes body health and longevity.

2. Rinse your nuts a couple times after they’re soaked.  Use pure filtered or spring water – you really don’t want chlorine and flouride in the mix toxifying and ruining them.

3. While still wet/damp, you can coat the nuts with a myriad of different seasonings.  You can also dry the nuts off and coat with olive oil – then sprinkle with seasonings of your choice (seasonings stick better with oil coating).  Some ideas are Tamari (wheat-free soy), Nama Shoyu (raw soy sauce), ginger, maple syrup (not raw), coconut palm sugar granules, coconut palm syrup, cinnamon, cumin, salt/pepper, cayenne, bbq seasoning, nutritional yeast, seaweed powders/flakes, Italian seasoning, pumpkin pie spice, or whatever spices your palate is tuned to.  There are many combinations – get creative – it’s the spice of life!!!

4. Dehydrate!  Spread the nuts onto a dehydrator tray.  I would recommend using a Teflex sheet on the dehydrator tray to contain any seasonings you put on the nuts.  If you are not using any spices or coatings, simply put the nuts directly on the mesh dehydrator tray without the Teflex Sheet.  It can take 12 hours or longer at 115 degrees F, to get the crunch.  I recommend sampling the nuts during the dehydration cycle until you get the crunch you desire.  If you use a maple syrup or coconut palm sugar/syrup coating – you will have to dehydrate for a longer period.  Make sure not to exceed 115 degrees F, or you will lose nutrients, enzymes and photonic bioluminescent energy.

5. Once dehydrated, place nuts into an air tight, preferably glass container – and enjoy!!!

I use the 9-Tray Excalibur Dehydrator.  It’s a commercial grade dehydrator that costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $225.  It’s not much when you consider the health benefits you will receive in all the raw goodies you make with it.  Make sure when you order your dehydrator that you also order the Teflex Sheets – Very Important when dehydrating wet or gooey stuff like flax crackers, fruit-nut bars, coated nuts, etc.

My little 10-year old Pomeranian loves dehydrated almonds and pecans – unseasoned or with nutritional yeast/seaweed powder for added nutrition!  She loves them!  I have a buffet tray in the kitchen with a bowl of water, bisquits and a small bowl of nuts.  Our guests get a kick out of seeing Teddy’s buffet of goodies when they visit!

Enjoy better health through naturally prepared organic foods.

Fruit Nut Seed Bar Recipe – Raw and Packed Full of Nutrients and Good Fats

This is an amazing nutrient-packed bar.  It’s made with previously dehydrated nuts, fruits and seeds making these one mighty vitamin dense, super flavorful, and full of good-fat snack to keep your energy running high.  Remember to use all organic ingredients to assure good health.  Now again, feel free to be creative – this recipe is a guideline – use whatever nuts, seeds, fruits that you like.

Malibu Kim’s Raw Fruit Nut Seed Bars

1/4 c dried Strawberry bits
1/4 c dried Pineapple bits
1/4 c dried Nectarine bits
1/4 c unsweetened Shredded Coconut
1/4 c dried Pecan pieces
1/2 c dried Almond pieces
1/4 c Black Sesame Seeds
1 rounded Tbls Maca Root powder (adds nutrients)
1 rounded Tsp Mesquite Powder (full of L-Lysine amino acid)
1 rounded Tsp Camu Camu Berry Powder (more Vitamin C than oranges)

Mix all dry ingredients till blended well.  In a separate bowl, combine all ingredients below:

1/4 c Coconut Oil
1/4 c Coconut Butter (coconut butter contains meat of coconut)
3/4 c Coconut Palm Syrup
2/3 c Date Paste (pit and mash dates – do not soak) (If you have a SoloStar II juicer – use the homogenizing screen to make date paste – be sure to pit the dates first!)

Combine both mixtures till blended well – I use my hands to be sure it’s well mixed.

Next, place Teflex sheets on your dehydrator trays.  Take a small amount of mixture and place on dehydrator tray and form a small bar.  I usually make the bars 1 inch by 2 inches by a 1/4 inch high – you may make them as big or as small as you like – keep in mind – the smaller they are the quicker they dry.  Once you’ve covered one tray with bars, continue with another tray till all are formed.

Dehydrate at 115 degrees.  By staying at 115 degrees or lower, you retain all the health supporting nutrients.  Dehydrate for 8-12 hours depending on humidity. Don’t forget to taste test as they dry!  To hasten drying time, the temperature may be set up to 140 degrees for the first hour.  This will not affect the enzymes since it will not actually bring the food’s temperature up that high in that amount of time – but be sure you remember to reset the temperature to 115 after the first hour!

Note: When I dehydrate the fruits and nuts for this recipe, I cut them into 1/4″ pieces.  The nuts stay about the same size, however the fruit dry up into tiny little bits.  You may of course make them any size you wish – maybe you might like a chunkier style – maybe I might try a chunkier style sometime too – that’s the beauty of creation!!!

Whenever I share these bars with friends they are absolutely amazed how the various flavors burst onto their tongue!

Malibu Kim

Malibu Kim is a beacon of light in today’s hectic world!