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Relieve Back Pain!

Now let's get to the knitty gritty! Just to let you know - I receive no benefits whatsoever from letting you know about this ball. It has helped me through some "tight" spots (muscles that is) in releasing overworked, stressed out muscles. The ball is a Gymnic Heavymed Gr2000. I've seen it online for $20 - to nearly $100 on different sites. Gymnic also produces smaller and larger sizes than the one on my video - the smaller they are the more they will dig into your back - the bigger they are the gentler they will be on your back. I use the yellow (2,000kg/4.4 lb) size since it perfectly opens the muscles in my back.

Now, a little more detail on how to use it! Simply get into the position of doing situps. Place the ball on the floor and lay your mid-back on it. Lift your bottom up off the ground, feet still planted on the floor, and roll up and down your spine slowly. If you need to steady yourself on the ball, do this next to a sofa and use it to guide you up and down your back. If you have a certain part of your back that's stressed, you can lay your back on the spot and relax into it. It's best to wear stretchy form fitting clothing and long hair should be tied up so it doesn't get caught under the ball.

To open your shoulders, get into situp position, place ball in the middle of your back between shoulder blades - but a little to the left on the edge of your left blade. Lift your right hip up and roll on the ball horizontally toward your left arm. Do this over the entire shoulder blade from the top to the bottom moving laterally from the middle of your back over your shoulder blade toward your arm. Then do the other side with the left hip on the ground and right hip lifted up.

This simple technique can bring peace to your muscles and ease to your mind.

If you have any back injuries or other back issues other than run-of-the-mill muscle aches, please consult a physician before you take on any exercise or restorative methods such as this.


Stop A Bruise In It's Tracks With Arnica

Arnica, aka Arnica Montana, is a Homeopathic remedy. Arnica can eliminate a bruise if used immediately upon injury. Basically, the sooner you use Arnica, the less bruising will occur, if any bruising at all. If you don't have Arnica at the time of injury and the bruise sets, Arnica will still help to clear the bruise more quickly. There are two forms of Arnica, the sublingual pellets (usually 5 pellets) which are placed under the tongue; and the topical form which comes in a cream, gel and oil. To give you a example of my experience with Arnica, one day I hit the side of my foot which turned purple within 30 seconds. I immediately put Arnica cream on the point of injury, then placed 5 sublingual pellets of Arnica under my tongue. Within 3 minutes, the deep purple turned soft pink! I had completely stopped the bruise in it's tracks! Without Arnica, I would've had a bruise for at least a couple of weeks. One tip about the sublingual pellets - do not touch them - use the little cap to throw them under your tongue and allow them to dissolve - if pellets are touched, the oil in your fingers will render the sublingual remedy useless. So go get your Arnica and save yourself from those gnarly bruises. Arnica is also great for muscle stress and strain, and also for use a week before any surgeries to help your body heal faster. For those 60+ years of age who experience deep purple bruising at the slightest injury - this will help you immensely.

Don't like drinking "Water?" Try this!

As a natural health therapist, I advise my clients to drink plenty of pure clean water - especially after a massage session where it's crucial to do so for 3 days as the body goes through a soft detox.  When I make this recommendation, many people tell me  "I don't like drinking water!"  When you understand our bodies consist of 70% water - you might realize that water is essential to our body's healthful functioning - it's a medium by which our 70 trillion cells function and communicate. Read more


The Miracle of MMS - Cured Viral Bronchitis in a Few Hours

First off, this is not an advertisement and I am not selling you anything.  This is my personal experience.

I want to tell you how I conquered the nasty virus that hit me March 4, 2011 - and which for most people when contracted takes weeks to months to get over.  Here's the story of my experience . . . On Friday, March 3rd, my energy began to drop down and I felt totally dehydrated.  My boyfriend fell to the virus about a week ahead of me . . . which then began to attack me.  By Saturday night I was down.  I battled it with essential oils, all kinds of dietary supplements and lots of bed rest which usually works - but not this time - this one nailed me by jumping into my lungs on the second day.  On Tuesday, I was browsing the net and came upon the Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) founded/discovered by Jim Humble.  I then remembered that my boyfriend had helped a guy out on a project about a year ago - and the guy sent a bottle of MMS as a thank you.  The MMS sat in our fridge since receiving it. Read more


Simple Cancer Remedy from 7-Time Nobel Nominee Dr. Johanna Budwig

When I initially found out about the Budwig Diet, there wasn't much info on the web about it.  Today, there's a website for the Budwig Center ( located in Spain where Dr. Johanna Budwig's protocol is administered to cure cancer and many other illnesses that are incurable according to allopathic western medicine.  They also have a downloadable Budwig Guide to give you all the information you need to administer the complete diet to yourself at home.   My story below was written a couple of years ago, prior to getting the complete details of this diet therapy - and even though I only knew the basics of the Budwig Diet - I watched it melt two tumors off my dog's head in one week.  Here's my original article:

The Budwig Diet is a cancer remedy that's so simple and the ingredients are on your health food store shelves.  The basics of the diet consists of organic low-fat cottage cheese and organic flax seed oil, along with antioxidants, a little sunlight exposure on your skin (without cancerous sunscreens please!) and some light exercise thrown in when able. Now that's about as simple as it gets!  Dr. Budwig helped people who were given a few hours to a few days to live and restored their health with this energizing combination of whole, healthy, oxygen-rich foods. Read more